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National High-tech Enterprise

Power-Equipment Supplier of "The Belt and Road"

Zhejiang Yongxin Electric Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. The company has 14000 square meters of land and 6000 square meters of standard factory buildings. The company is a government certified & quot; national high-tech enterprise & quot;, & quot; provincial integrity enterprise & quot;, & quot; trustworthy, coincident & quot; enterprise. It has passed the quality system iso9001:2015.

The company is located in a superior position and has developed transportation. The high-speed and high-speed railway passes through Jiaxing. The distance between the company and Shanghai Pudong Airport, Hongqiao Airport and Xiaoshan International Airport is less than 100km.

Yongxin has more than 90 employees and 15 middle and senior technical employees. The company has one belt, one road, and the other is the advanced design and production equipment. We mainly provide high quality and reliable distribution box equipment and line equipment for the whole country. All the products have passed CCC certification and passed the inspection by the third-party authoritative testing organization.

Yongxin company specializes in R & D, manufacturing and supply of "YXCN" brand and "Quanshang" brand: Distribution box, Cable Branch Box, Streetlamp Control Box, Single-phase/ Three-phase Split Type Energy Metering Box, Counter, Transformer, PVC Conduit  and other auxiliary materials.

Company history

In 1996, Jiaxing Zhapu Tenlong Electrical Research Institute was established.


In October 1998 , Jiaxing Yongxin Electron Co., Ltd was established.


In 2001, Jiaxing Yongxin Electron Co., Ltd started using the new industrial park.


In 2012, Anhui Chain Smart Technology Co., Ltd was established.
In 2012, Haiyan Lingyunwei Electron Co., Ltd was established.


In 2015, Jiaxing Yongxin Electron Co., Ltd participated in “The Belt and Road Initiative”, and started the industrial construction of power equipment.


In June 2018, the new R&D Center and Marketing Department were moved into No.12 building, Zhejiang Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Jiaxing Center).


In 2019, the company was renamed as "Zhejiang Yongxin Electric Technology Co., Ltd.".

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China's "one belt, one road" cooperation in the past five years to cooperate with China's large scale engineering enterprises
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